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  1. Minutes from February 10, 2020 and Announcements
  2. Officer and Other Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Provost: Strategic Plan Slides (PDF)
    3. Vice Chair
    4. Parliamentarian
    5. Trustee
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise – Ernie Bailey, Chair
      1. Final Report (PDF)
    2. Senate’s UK Core Education Committee – Patrick Lucas, Chair
      1. Proposed Change to Senate Rules (“Senate UK Core Education Committee (SUKCEC),” “Composition”) (PDF)
    3. Senate's Academic Facilities Committee (SAFC) – Chris Pool, Chair
      1. Draft Survey for Senators (PDF)
    4. Senate's Admissions and Academic Standards Committee (SAASC) – Bill Smith, Chair
      1. Proposed Suspension of Admissions and Closure of Graduate Certificate in Reproductive Biology (PDF), MS Reproductive Biology (PDF), and PhD Reproductive Biology (PDF)
      2. Proposed Suspension of Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) (PDF)
      3. Proposed Suspension of Admissions and Closure of Pre-Physician Assistant Studies (Major Code: PPAS-BHS; Degree Code: BHS-AH) (PDF)
      4. Proposed New Admissions Path into Lewis Honors Program for Sophomores (PDF)
    5. Senate's Academic Organization and Structure Committee (SAOSC) – Zack Bray, Chair
      1. Proposed Move of BA and Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from College to Department of Geography (PDF)
  4. Faculty on Phased Retirement and University Senate Membership
    1. Proposed Changes to Governing Regulations IV (“The University Senate”) and Senate Rules 1.2.2 (“Functions and Composition of the University Senate,” “Composition”) and Senate Rules (“Elected Faculty Membership,” “Election”) (PDF)
    2. Discussion Only - Possibility of Senators on Phased Retirement Serving on SC and as SC Chair (PDF)
      1. Senate Rules (“University Senate Council,” “Eligibility for Membership”)
      2. Senate Rules (“Officers of the Senate Council,” “Senate Council Chair”)
  5. Associate Provost for Academic and Student Affairs Kirsten Turner – Update on Activities in Student and Academic Life (PDF)
  6. Items from the Floor (Time Permitting)