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2023 - 2024 Academic Year

The deadlines below are in place to help ensure a reasonable time for review, not to imply that a Fall 2024 effective date is guaranteed. No proposal will be made effective until all approval steps, including at the Board of Trustees and Council on Postsecondary Education (for program proposals), are successfully completed.

Proposers are expected to fulfill the responsibilities listed below.

  • Submit proposal correctly, according to the instructions provided.
  • Prior to launching, review the proposal against the Senate’s program and/or course checklist and ensure all questions are responded to appropriately. 
  • Respond to queries in a timely manner.
  • Periodically check on the progress of the proposal.


Deadline Type(s) of Proposal Details
December 1, 2023 New degrees Proposals for new degree programs also require approval by UK's Board of Trustees and Kentucky's Council on Postsecondary Education
February 16, 2024 Significant changes These program proposals require committee review, such as new certificates; transfers of a degree; educational unit changes (names, structure, etc.); changes to admissions, progression, graduation requirements; adding a new track, concentration, or specialization; adding or removing distance learning delivery; suspending and/or closing admissions into a program or part of a program; any type of proposal involving an academic unit, including name changes; and any Senate Rule change.
April 1, 2024 Courses, minor program changes and program changes Any type of course proposal, minor program changes, program changes, and badges


General course and program proposal questions?

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Specific course-related question?

Contact Ann Eads at 257-5871 or

Course Checklist

Specific program-related questions?

Contact Sheila Brothers at 257-5872 or

Program Checklist