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  1. Minutes from March 20 and Announcements
  2. UK May Degree Candidate List
  3. College of Nursing Admissions Proposal (PDF)
  4. Program Suspension: BFA Fine Arts, Design and Acting Concentrations (PDF)
  5. Change in Composition of Graduate Council (PDF)
  6. Winter Intersession Calendar (PDF)
  7. Name Change: BS in Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership (page 3 of proposal) (PDF)
  8. New Program: BS in Career and Technical Education (PDF)
  9. New Minor: Community Communications and Leadership Development (PDF)
  10. BSN to PhD Nursing Program (PDF)
  11. Retroactive Withdrawal Rule (PDF)
  12. Dead Week Rule (PDF)
  13. Walked on During Meeting SI Grade Proposal (proposal approved by Senate PDF)