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Welcome Remarks: President Charles T. Wethington, Jr. Introductions and Remarks: Chair Approval of Minutes: 13 March and 10 April 1995 (circulated). Resolutions Memorial Past Chair   Ombud Report - 1994-1995 Consideration of and Action on the Kentucky Advocates Position Paper (circulated under date of 28 August 1995). (PDF)


Minutes (to be circulated) Chair’s Announcements Medical Center Update: Chancellor James Holsinger, Jr. Resolutions Academic Ombud Report - 1994-1995, Horst Schach. Consideration and action on the plus/minus grading proposal from the College of Arts and Sciences (circulated under date of 27 September 1995). Report from the Board of Trustees faculty representatives- Loys Mather and Deborah Powell New Business


Minutes Chair's Announcements Undergraduate Education Update: Louis J. Swift, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director, University Studies Academic Ombud Report - 1994 - 1995, Horst Schach. Resolutions Consideration of and Action on the College of Pharmacy Rules (circulated under date of 31 October 1995). (PDF)


Minutes. Chair’s Announcements Resolutions Consideration of and Action on Proposed Position Paper, Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership (COSFL) (circulated under date of 29 November 1995). (PDF) Consideration and action on proposal to amend University Senate Rules, Section V - (Repeat Option). (Circulated under date of 30 November 1995). (PDF)


Minutes Chair's Announcements Resolutions Research and Graduate Studies: Present Status, Future Issues: Fitzgerald Bramwell, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and Daniel R. Reedy, Dean, The Graduate School. Action Items:


Action Items: Minutes: February 13, 1995 (circulated). Chair’s Announcements. Resolutions. Proposal to codify the change from Quality Point Deficit to the Grade Point Average System for Probation and Suspension. (Circulated under date of 3 March 1995.) Proposal to amend the Senate Rules, Section II - 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 on the University Calendar (circulated under date of 9 March 1995). Discussion and action on a resolution in support of a Staff Congress (circulated under date of 10 March 1995).


Action Items: