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  1. Minutes
  2. Chair's Announcements
  3. Resolutions
  4. Research and Graduate Studies: Present Status, Future Issues: Fitzgerald Bramwell, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and Daniel R. Reedy, Dean, The Graduate School.

    Action Items:

  5. Proposed amendment to University Senate Rules, Section I, - Senate Advisory Committee on Privilege and Tenure. (Circulated under date of 1 February 1996) If approved, this proposal will be forwarded to the President for appropriate administrative action. (PDF)
  6. Proposed change in University Senate Rules - to amend the College of Engineering Probation, Suspension and Admissions Rules. (Circulated under date of 2 February 1996) (PDF)
  7. Proposed change in University Senate Rules, Section IV 4.3.3 to add a statement to that section concerning repeated registration in a course. (circulated under date of 30 January 1996) (PDF)
  8. Retention and Graduation Report, Follow-up Survey on Non-Returning Students: Louis J. Swift, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director, University Studies, and Roseann R. Hogan, Director, Planning and Assessment, Lexington Campus.