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  1. Minutes.
  2. Chair’s Announcements
  3. Resolutions
  4. Consideration of and Action on Proposed Position Paper, Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership (COSFL) (circulated under date of 29 November 1995). (PDF)
  5. Consideration and action on proposal to amend University Senate Rules, Section V - (Repeat Option). (Circulated under date of 30 November 1995). (PDF)
  6. Proposal to amend the University calendar to designate two mid-term reading days the first Monday and Tuesday of October (circulated under date of 27 November 1995). (PDF)
  7. FOR DISCUSSION ONLY: a discussion of recommendations related to retirement. Issues such as support services, incentives, and phased-in retirement plans will be addressed. (Circulated under date of 1 December 1995) (PDF)
  8. New Business