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  1. Announcements
  2. Consent Agenda
    1. February 13, 2023 Minutes
    2. Minutes and Activity Reports from Academic Councils and Committees (PDF)
  3. Officer Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
    3. Parliamentarian
    4. Trustees
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Senate Academic Programs Committee (SAPC) - Sandra Bastin, Chair
      1. Proposed New PhD Linguistics (Curriculog)  
      2. Proposed New BA Sport Leadership (Curriculog)
      3. Proposed New Undergraduate Certificate in Globally Competent Teaching (Curriculog)      
      4. Proposed New USP between BS Biosystems Engineering and MS Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (Curriculog)      
    2. Senate Admissions and Academic Standards Committee (SAASC) - Leslie Vincent, Chair
      1. Proposed Changes to Senate Rules 4 (“Rules Relating to Admission to the University”)
      2. Proposed Change to Graduate Certificate in International Education (Curriculog
      3. Proposed Change to Doctor of Nursing Practice (Curriculog)      
    3. Undergraduate Council - Kristine Urschel, Chair
      1. Proposed Changes to Graduation Composition and Communication Requirement (GCCR) in Senate Rules (Cover Page) (PDF)      
    4. Graduate Council - Martha Peterson, Chair
      1. Proposed Changes to SR ("Graduate Council," "Composition") (Cover Page & Description) (PDF)      
    5. Senate Calendar Committee (SCC) - Richard Charnigo, Chair
      1. Proposed Change to Senate Rules 2 (Cover Page) (PDF)      
    6. Senate Academic Organization and Structure Committee (SAOSC) - Gregg Rentfrow, Chair
      1. Proposed Name Change of the Department of Anesthesiology to the Department of Anesthesiology Perioperative, Critical Care and Pain Medicine (PDF)      
      2. Proposed Closure of Undergraduate Certificate in Directing Forensics (Curriculog
      3. Proposed Suspension and Closure of Graduate Certificate in Structural Engineering (Curriculog)      
      4. Proposed Suspension and Closure of Graduate Certificate in Human Technology Interaction (Curriculog)      
    7. Senate UK Core Education Committee (SUKCEC) - Keiko Tanaka, Chair
      1. Update on Activities (PDF)
  5. Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom – Trey Conatser, Director of the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
  6. Items from the Floor (Time Permitting)