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  1. Minutes and Announcements
    • Minutes from October 9
    • Minutes from November 13
  2. Update on New Medical Educational Complex - College of Medicine Dean Jay Perman
  3. New Program: Interdisciplinary PhD in Education Sciences (PDF)
  4. Update on SAP Campus Management Module - IRIS Director Phyllis Nash and Michelle Nordin, Lead Person for CM
  5. New Graduate Certificate: Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics (PDF)
  6. New Program: University Scholars Program with KY State University for MS in Rehabilitation Counseling (PDF)
  7. New Institute: Institute for Workplace Innovation (iWIN) (PDF)
  8. Temporary Waiver of Non-Transfer of Grades to UK GPA for College of Engineering's Paducah Campus Students (PDF)
  9. New Program: Dual BS (Electrical or Mechanical) Engineering and MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (PDF)
  10. Policy Change: Minimum Language Requirements for International Teaching Assistants (PDF)
  11. Policy Change: Test of ESL for International Graduate Students (PDF)
  12. Disability Resource Center Resolution - DRC Director Jake Karnes (PDF)
  13. Ombud Report for 2005 - 2006 Academic Year - Kaveh Tagavi, Former Ombud (PDF)