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Agenda Minutes - 22 April 2002 Item A (PDF) - proposal to amend University Senate Rules, Section I - ex officio membership


Minutes - 9 September 2002 Resolutions Chair's Announcements Item A (PDF) - Proposal to amend University Senate Rules, Section IX, Glossary, to adopt the definition of a "major" Item B (PDF) - Proposed rules change to University Senate Rules, Section V -, International Baccalaureate (IB) credit


Minutes - 9 September 2002 and 14 October 2002 - to be circulated Resolutions: J. Hamburg Resolution Chair's Announcements Item A (PDF) - Proposal to amend University Senate Rules, Section IV, Rules of the Dental Laboratory Technology Program, LCC, Report from Senate's Admissions and Academic Standards Committee


Minutes from November 11, 2002 & October 14, 2002 Resolutions Chair's Announcements Announcements: BoT election, Senate Council election, Holiday Social, Forum with Nietzel Summary of breakfast with Nietzel, meeting with Todd Summary of AR’s discussed with Nancy Ray and Connie Ray Connie Ray request for 3 names to discuss AR re: eval of chief administrative officers


Agenda Minutes September 9, 2002 September 30, 2002 October 14, 2002 December 9, 2002 Calendars Lexington Community College (PDF) UK Calendars - to be posted Action Item: Honorary Degree Candidates - to be presented by Doug Kalika


Minutes: April 21, 2003 Chair's Announcements: Discussion with Bill Pfeifle, Chair of Provost's Committee for the Design of an Academic Support and Technology Center Action Items: (items 3 and 4 sent forward with a positive recommendation by the Academic Organization and Structure Committee) Proposal for name change for Ophthalmology in the College of Medicine Routing sheet for proposed changes in academic organization and structure (PDF)