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  1. Minutes - 9 September 2002
  2. Resolutions
  3. Chair's Announcements
  4. Item A (PDF) - Proposal to amend University Senate Rules, Section IX, Glossary, to adopt the definition of a "major"
  5. Item B (PDF) - Proposed rules change to University Senate Rules, Section V -, International Baccalaureate (IB) credit
  6. Item C (PDF) - Proposal to establish a College of Design submitted by the School of Interior Design and the College of Architecture and approved by the Senate Committee on Academic Organization and Structure
    • The proposed organizational chart (PDF)
  7. For Discussion Only (PDF): Maloney Report, adhoc Committee Report on the Student Evaluation of Teaching, for action at the November 11, 2002, University Senate Meeting
  8. Work/Life Task Force Presentation: Phyllis Nash, co-Chair
  9. Academic Ombud Reports & Introduction of New Ombud, Susan Scollay(UK), Joe Anthony (UK-LCC)
  10. Summary of activities to date involving the Provost Search, Lee Edgerton
  11. Health Literacy Initiative Presentation: Tim Buckingham