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  1. Minutes and Announcements
  2. Memorial Resolution for Associate Professor of Medicine Steve Zimmer (presented by Ernie Yanarella, past Senate Council Chair (PDF)
  3. KCTCS List of Candidates for Credentials
  4. Changes to Portions of Senate Rules VI
    • Revisions of Section 6.1, Section 6.2, and Section 6.5 with Track Changes (DOC)
    • Revision of Section 6.1, Section 6.2, and Section 6.5 with Revisions Incorporated (PDF)
  5. Change to Senate Rules 6.4.1.A Regarding Academic Offenses (PDF)
  6. Approval of Existing Qualifications for (2006-2007) Honorary Degrees (new qualifications will be created/approved in the coming year) (PDF)
  7. Granting of Ex Officio Non-Voting Membership in Senate to Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs (PDF)
  8. GERA Final Report (PDF)
    • Senate Council Motion Regarding GERA Final Report (PDF)
  9. Domestic Partner Benefits Discussion (PDF)
    • Senate Council Motion on DPB (PDF)
  10. Senate's Library Committee Motions
    • Motion #1: Suggest UK Become Signatory to Public Letter of Support for Senate Bill S. 2695 (PDF)
    • Motion #2: Annual "State of the Library" Report from Library Dean (PDF)
  11. New Minor in Folklore and Mythology (PDF)
  12. UK Women's Place - Dorothy Edwards, Director