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  1. Minutes - Draft of 1.14.02
  2. Chair's Announcements
  3. Resolutions
  4. Senate Committee Reports
  5. Action Item: Item A (PDF) - Proposal from the College of Communications to raise the undergraduate grade point average required for admission to its four undergraduate programs (Communications, General Editorial, Advertising and Telecommunications) from 2.6 to 3.0 for the 2002-03 year only. This proposal would "waive" (or suspend) the current provisions in Senate Rule which now describe the minimum gpa as a 2.6 and say that "[a]ssuming all else is in order, applicants with a 2.60 undergraduate grade point average will be accepted."
  6. Approval of University Calendars
  7. For Discussion Only: Report: Task Force to recommend criteria and measures that the University will employ in regularly assessing its progress toward achieving recognition as one of the nation’s 20 premiere research universities. Feedback and input will be invited. Phyllis Nash, Co-Chair
  8. For Discussion Only: Report: The Engaging Differences Project: A Web Site Designed to Answer Questions About Accommodating Students with Disabilities Kristina Krampe, Project Director and Jakes Karnes, Director of the Disability Resource Center