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Distance Learning issue regarding LCC's proposal to offer STA 200 in a Distance Learning format and the Department of Statistic's objection. Promotion and Tenure committee names to be put forth to the Provost. Committee Assignments Minutes from July 28, 2003 Senate Council items for Review.


Minutes from August 11, 2003 (PDF) Processing of academic proposals (web vs. meeting) (PDF) Committee Chair assignments 2003-2004 (PDF) Approval of old Minutes December 19, 2002 (PDF) January 22, 2003 (PDF)


Agenda (DOC) August 25, 2003 Minutes Nominees for NCAA Re-Certification Committee (PDF) Program Termination Guidelines (PDF) Code of Conduct


Minutes from September 22, 2003. Program Termination Guidelines (PDF) (Kate Chard will be present) Next University Senate agenda


Minutes from October 6, 2003 Discussion of the GR changes with the Chair of the AR/GR Task Force. (PDF) Change to BHS requirements in Clinical Labratory Sciences. (PDF)


Minutes from October 20, 2003 Graduation Contract Presentation - Richard Greissman Motion from 5/5/03 University Senate Meeting (PDF) Graduation Contract Agreement (PDF) Guidelines for Discontinuation of Programs (PDF) - Kate Chard


Minutes from October 27, 2003 Report from Academic Organization and Structure Committee Pharmacy Proposal (PDF) Routing Sheet (PDF) University Extension Issue (PDF)


Minutes from November 3, 2003 Formation of rationale in support of motion from the Senate regarding Retiree Health Benefits Task Force Report.


Minutes from November 17, 2003 President's Visit Discussion of Rationale regarding motion pertaining to Retiree Health Benefits (DOC) Code of Conduct (DOC) University Senate Agenda (DOC) Nomination for Senate Council officer elections Discussion of election procedures Courses


Minutes from November 24, 2003 Representative from Engineering to discuss proposed distance learning offering of the MSME in Paducah. Discussion with David Watt regarding the potential college of Public Health proposal. Discussion with Ann Livingstone of the Staff Senate's Ad Hoc Committee on Retiree Health Benefits Senate Council Officer elections Course/Program changes (please see links from last week).