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University Senate meetings begin at 3 pm. Members and guests may attend in person (311 Gatton Business and Economics Building) or via Zoom

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  1. Announcements 
  1. Consent Agenda 
    a. March 18, 2024 Minutes 
  1. Officer Reports 
    a. Chair 
    b. Vice Chair 
    c. Parliamentarian 
    d. Trustees 
  1. Degree Recipients 
    a. May 2024 In Memoriam Degree List 
    b. May 2024 Degree List
    c. August 2024 Degree List
    b. May 2024 Degree List - Ft. Sam Houston - Army MSW 
  1. Committee Recommendations 
    a. Senate Admissions and Academic Standards (SAASC)-Leslie Vincent, Chair 
         i. Proposed changes to BS in Biomedical Engineering (Curriculog)
         ii. Proposed changes to BAEDU in Special Education – Learning and Behavior Disorders (Curriculog)
         iii. Proposed changes to BS in Forestry (Curriculog)
    b. Senate Academic Programs Committee (SAPC)- Sandra Bastin, Chair 
         i. Proposed New Master of Arts in Teaching Degree in Special Education (Curriculog
         ii. Proposed New Undergraduate Certificate in Biological Anthropology (Curriculog)
         iii. Proposed Changes to SR and Regarding the University Scholar Program (PDF)
    c. Senate Academic Organization and Structure (SAOSC)-Gregg Rentfrow, Chair
         i. Proposed College of Education name change to College of Education, Human Development, and Sport Sciences (PDF)
    d. Senate Rules and Elections (SREC)-Roger Brown, Chair 
         i. Proposal to Allow Local Waiver of Course Prerequisites (PDF)
  1. Proposed Resolution on University Senate Principles on Shared Governance-Molly Blasing (AS), Greg Erhardt (EN) (PDF)
  1. Items from the Floor (Time Permitting)