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University Senate meetings begin at 3 pm. Members and guests may attend in person (311 Gatton Business and Economics Building) or via Zoom (, password 765268,  meeting ID 829 8280 2367)


  1. Announcements
  2. Consent Agenda
    1. November 13, 2023 Minutes
  3. Officer Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
    3. Parliamentarian
    4. Trustees
  4. Old Business
    1. Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Generative AI – Leslie Vincent and Molly Blasing, Co-Chairs
      1. Interim Report (PDF)
    2. Discussion on Charge to Ad Hoc Committee on Attendance Policies (PDF)
  5. Request to Waive Senate Rules ("General Policies for Academic Councils," "Terms") (PDF)
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Senate Academic Programs Committee (SAPC) – Sandra Bastin, Chair
      1. Proposed New Undergraduate Certificate in Design-Build (Curriculog)
      2. Proposed New Graduate Certificate in Design-Build (Curriculog)
    2. Senate Admissions and Academic Standards Committee (SAASC) – Leslie Vincent, Chair
      1. Proposed Change to Graduate Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion (Curriculog)
    3. Senate Academic Organization and Structure Committee (SAOSC) – Gregg Rentfrow, Chair
      1. Proposed Suspension and Closure of Graduate Certificate in Gerontology (Curriculog)
      2. Proposed Suspension and Closure of Minor in Technical Systems Management (Curriculog)
    4. Senate Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals Committee (SRWAC) - Amy Spriggs, Chair
      1. 2022-23 Annual Report (PDF)
  7. Ombud’s Report for 2022-23 – Alice Turkington, Ombud (PDF)
  8. Items from the Floor (Time Permitting)