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Due to the COVID pandemic, all Senate meetings will be held via video conference until further notice. Zoom information for Monday's meeting will be available here no later than Friday, April 9. Below is the link to access Monday's meeting via Zoom. Email Stephanie Woolery with questions about Zoom.


The easiest way to access the proposals in Curriculog is to first LOG INTO CURRICULOG and then click on the Curriculog URLs below. To see all the Curriculog proposals in one place, you can click HERE to access the Curriculog agenda.

  1. Minutes from March 8, 2021 and Announcements
  2. Officer and Other Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Provost
    3. Vice Chair
    4. Parliamentarian
    5. Trustee
  3. Old Business
    1. Senate’s Research and Graduate Education Committee (SRGEC): Response to Proposed Changes to Undergraduate Research (PDF)
  4. Memorial Resolution for Professor Michael Goodin (Presented by Professor Nicole Gauthier) (PDF)
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Senate’s Academic Programs Committee (SAPC) - Leslie Vincent, Chair
      1. Proposed New Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (Curriculog)
      2. Proposed New Undergraduate Certificate in Sales (Curriculog)
      3. Proposed New USP between BA Health, Society and Populations and Masters in Public Health (MPH) (PDF)
      4. Proposed New USP between BA Public Policy and Master of Public Policy (Curriculog)
      5. Proposed Significant Change to MS Data Science (Curriculog)
  6. Request from College of Engineering for Expedited Review of Proposed Deletion of Senate Rules ("Academic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal Policies for Particular Programs," "College of Engineering") (PDF)
  7. Request for Extension of Badge Pilot (PDF)
  8. Items from the Floor (Time Permitting)