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  1. Minutes from September 13, 2010 and Announcements
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
    3. Parliamentarian
  3. Proposed Changes to Senate Rules ("Elected Faculty Membership," "Vacancy") (PDF)
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Senate's Academic Organization and Structure Committee 2009-10 Annual Report (PDF)
    2. Senate's Advisory Committee on Privilege and Tenure 2009-10 Annual Report (PDF)
    3. Senate's Rules and Elections Committee Report - Current and Upcoming Events
  5. Recognition of 2009-2010 Recipients of Provost's Awards for Outstanding Teaching - Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Heidi Anderson
  6. Recent Changes to Provost's Awards for Outstanding Teaching
  7. KCTCS September 2010 Candidates for Credentials

Handout for this meeting. (PDF)