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  1. Minutes from December 14 and Announcements
  2. Proposed Change to Masters of Business Administration (PDF)
  3. Proposed Change to PhD Business Administration (PDF)
  4. Code of Conduct Issue - College of Pharmacy Senator (PDF)
  5. QEP Topic Selection Plan
  6. Relocation of Masters in Health Administration Degree Program (from Martin School of Public Policy and Administration to College of Public Health) (PDF)
  7. KCTCS December 2009 Candidate for Credentials
  8. Informational Presentation - TurnItIn
  9. Proposed Change to BS Nursing (PDF)
  10. Gen Ed Update
    • Interim Approval Process for Gen Ed Courses (PDF)
    • Gen Ed Course Approval Form (PDF)
  11. Honorary Degrees
  12. Third Bachelor's Degrees - Receipt of Senate's Admissions and Academic Standards Committee's Report (PDF)
  13. Proposed Change to Graduate School Calendar - Change International Student Application Deadline (PDF)
  14. Memorandum of Understanding - Libraries and College of Law (PDF)
  15. Proposed Change to Senate Rules ("Senate Institutional Finances and Resources Allocation Committee (SIFRAC)") (PDF)

Handout for this meeting. (PDF)