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PDF (98.28 KB)
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  1. Minutes and Announcements
  2. Memorial Resolution for Russ Williams (PDF)
  3. Proposed New Degree Program: PhD Epidemiology and Biostatistics (PDF)
  4. Proposed New Degree Program: MS Epidemiology (PDF)
  5. Proposed New Degree Program: MS/PhD Reproductive Sciences (PDF)
  6. New Degree Program: MS Clinical Research Design (PDF)
  7. Proposed Change to BS Nursing (RN to BSN Option) (PDF)
  8. Proposed Change to BA/BS Telecommunications (PDF)
  9. Proposed New Graduate Certificate in Maternal and Child Health (PDF)
  10. 2009 - 2010 Winter Intersession Calendar (PDF)
  11. Proposal to Change Foreign Language Requirement (second reading and vote) (PDF)
  12. Curricular Teams' Course Templates (second reading and vote) (PDF)
    • Appendices (PDF)
  13. Proposed Changes to Administrative Regulations II-1.0-1 (Combined Version) (for endorsement) (PDF)
  14. Proposed Changes to Administrative Regulations II-7.0-1 (3:14, "Faculty Practice Plans") (informational presentation) (PDF)
  15. Provost's State of Academic Affairs Address

Handout for this meeting. (PDF)