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PDF (313.94 KB)


  1. Minutes from February 9 and Announcements
  2. Memorial Resolution for College of Design Professor Stephen Deger (presented by Professor Bruce Swetnam) (PDF)
  3. Annual State of the Library Address - Libraries Dean Carol Diedrichs
  4. New Graduate Certificate: Global Health (PDF)
  5. New Bachelor of Arts Degree: Gender and Women's Studies (PDF)
  6. Update on Curricular Teams (PDF)
  7. Revisiting the New Distance Learning Form (PDF)
    • Newly Revised Course Change Form (PDF)
  8. New Graduate Certificate: Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology (PDF)
  9. Change to College of Engineering Probation and Suspension Rules (PDF)
  10. Informational Presentation on UK's Advising Network
  11. Proposed Resolution Regarding Tenure and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (PDF)

Handout for this meeting. (PDF).