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  1. Minutes and Announcements
  2. Memorial Resolution for Professor Emeritus Raymond Betts, Founding Director of the Gaines Center for the Humanities (Presented by Daniel Rowland, Director of the Gaines Center)
  3. Proposed Change to Senate Rules ("Two-Year Window") (PDF)
  4. UK May 2007 Degree Candidates
    • UK May 2007 Degree Candidates Summary Page
  5. March 2007 List of KCTCS Candidates for Credentials
  6. Winter Intersession Report - Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Phil Kraemer (PDF)
  7. Extension of Winter Intersession Pilot (PDF)
  8. 2007 - 2008 Winter Intersession Calendar (contingent upon approval of extending WI pilot) (PDF)
  9. USP Reform Steering Committee Progress Report - Committee Chair Phil Kraemer
  10. State of Academic Affairs - Provost Subbaswamy