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  1. Minutes 11/10/03
  2. Memorial Resolutions
    • Resolution for John Ballantine, presented by Pat Litzelfelner
    • Resolution for Willem Meijer, presented by Chuck Staben
  3. Announcements
  4. Annual Ombud Reports
    • Susan Scollay, UK Academic Ombud
    • Joe Anthony, LCC Academic Ombud
  5. Action Items:
    • December Board and Senate Degree list (PDF)
    • December Board and Senate Degree Numbers (PDF)
    • Retiree Health Benefits Motion
      • Motion and Rationales (PDF)
      • Recommendation (DOC)
    • Code of Conduct (draft) (DOC)
  6. Committee Report:
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Improving Faculty Salaries report presented by Ernie Yanarella, Chair