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  1. Minutes - Draft of 3.4.02
  2. Chair's Announcements
  3. Resolutions
  4. Senate Committee Reports
  5. Action Item: Item A (PDF) - Establishment of a new Department of Community and Leadership Development in the College of Agriculture, Report from L. Gonzalez, Chair, Academic Organization and Structure.
  6. Action Item: Item B (PDF) - Renaming Allied Health College, Report from J. Rawls, Acting Chair, Academic Organization and Structure
  7. Action Items: Items C, D, E, F (PDF) - Report from Admissions & Academic Standards Committee:
    1. Suspension policy rules change,
    2. redefining of C/D grades,
    3. LCC Academic Certificates, and
    4. Dental Lab Technology admissions change (LCC)
  8. Report: Don Witt, et al, to discuss admissions - the process, the exceptions committee, prospects for 2002, effect of re-organization.