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  1. Minutes October 8, 2001
  2. Chair's Announcements
  3. Resolutions
  4. Item A - proposal to amend University Senate Rules Section IV - Undergraduate Admissions - Engineering (DOC)
  5. For Discussion:

    The Health Benefits committee chaired by Dr. Tom Samuel will release its preliminary recommendations for next year's health benefit plan -- premiums, UK contribution, benefit design, etc. The committee will answer questions and receive comments, which will be considered, along with comments from other forums, before the committee makes its final recommendation to President Todd. The committee has worked diligently over the last four months to fashion recommendations that attempt to address the health benefits concerns of the University community.
  6. This is a very important report and all are invited. In addition to the Senate meeting, the following forums are scheduled:
    • Nov. 13, 11:00 am -- Worsham Theatre
    • Nov 15, 5 pm -- Room 115 Nursing Building
    • Nov. 19, noon -- Seay auditorium