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  1. Approval of Minutes: 25 September 2000
  2. Chair’s Announcements
  3. Resolutions
  4. The Senate Council unanimously recommends (with one abstention) that the Senate ask President Wethington to consider the attached request (agenda item # 1) regarding the siting of the Biolmedical/Biological Sciences Research Building and to transmit a written copy of the request to the Board of Trustees. (Attached as item #1, dated 3 October 2000.) (PDF)
  5. The proposed AR on post-tenure review is on the agenda for discussion only. We will consider this matter after item #1. Jim Applegate, who chaired the original committee, will lead the discussion. Amendments may not be offered at the October 16 meeting. The AR comes with the Senate Council's non-unanimous recommendation for approval. (PDF)