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  1. Minutes, 27 September 1999 and 11 October 1999
  2. Chair’s Announcements
  3. Resolutions
  4. Informal Remarks: Officers of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, Mr. Billy Joe Miles, Chair; Mr. Steven Reed, Vice-Chair; and Professor Daniel R. Reedy, Secretary. Note: To expedite the process in item 5 below, Messrs Miles, Reed and Reedy have agreed to begin their comments following the initial ballot.
  5. Nomination of Faculty Members to Serve on the Presidential Search Committee. (Circulated under date of 20 October 1999.) Note: The process will be completed following remarks by the Officers of the Board.
  6. Proposal to modify the University Senate Rules – Sections IV and V – College of Dentistry Policies on Graduation, Academic Discipline, Grading and Admissions. (Circulated under date of 27 October 1999.) (PDF)
  7. Proposed changes in College of Dentistry Calendar. (Circulated under date of 28 October 1999.) (PDF)