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  1. Introduction of Senate Council Members and Committee Chairs (Chair Moore)
  2. Overview of Senate and Senate Functions (Chair Moore)
  3. Overview of Individual Committees by Committee Chairs or Representatives
    • Rules and Elections (Brad Canon)
    • Academic Facilities (Bruce Walcott)
    • Library (Ling Hwey Jeng)
    • Admissions and Academic Standards (Ray Cox)
    • Academic Planning and Priorities (Walter Abbott for John Piecoro)
    • Academic Programs (Tom Troland)
    • Academic Organization and Structure (Cliff Hynniman)
    • Research Committee (David Hamilton)
    • Institutional Finance and Resource Allocations (Doug Poe)
    • Admissions Advisory Committee (William Cohen)
    • University Studies (Phil Kraemer)
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Minorities (Anna Allen)
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Women (Ramona Rush)
    • Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals (Scott Kelley)
  4. Questions/Answers/Discussion
  5. Reception