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  1. Minutes
  2. Chair’s Announcements and Remarks - Status of Strategic Plan; Year in Review
  3. Resolutions -[Paul Pinney Memorial (Jed Porter) and Wm Ecton Memorial (Jim Knoblett)]
  4. Proposal to rescind action of the Senate taken February 10, 1997, to establish a plus/minus grading system for The Graduate School (circulated under date of 25 March). (PDF)
  5. Consideration of changes to University Senate Rules relative to the Lexington Community College transition (to be circulated).(PDF)
  6. Plus/Minus Grading proposal Landscape Architecture program (to be circulated; pending Council action). (PDF)
  7. Proposal to amend University Senate Rules, Section IV - , College of Engineering Admissions, specifically Civil Engineering. (Circulated under date of 10 March 1998.) (PDF)
  8. Consideration of Technical Standards from the Colleges of Allied Health Professions, Nursing and Pharmacy (circulated under dated of 2 April 1998). (PDF)
  9. Consideration of changes to University Senate Rules, Section IV, Undergraduate Admissions Criteria, College of Nursing (circulated under date of 30 March 1998). (PDF)
  10. Consideration of changes to University Senate Rules, Section IV - Non-Degree Students (circulated under date of 31 March 1998). (PDF)
  11. Proposal to modify the Administrative Regulations (AR II - 1.0 -1 S. Lecturers). (Circulated under date of 24 March 1998.) (PDF)
  12. Discussion and Possible Action on Promotion and Tenure Criteria (circulated under date of April 1 1998). (PDF)
  13. Proposal to change Rules on duplicate course taking (circulated under date of 1 April 1998). (PDF)