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Senate Council Agenda Circulated on July 21, 2003

The Senate Council will meet on Monday, July 28,2003 from 1 pm to 3pm in the Gallery of the W .T. Young Library.

The following items will be considered: Announcements: Letters were sent to gubernatorial candidates, inviting them to attend a debate this fall at UK. The invitation was issued jointly by the Senate Council, Staff Senate and Student Government Association.

1. Existent Distance Learning Policy and the SACS "substantive change" rule (LCC's proposal to offer ST A 200 in a Distance Learning format and Statistic's objection).

2. Faculty representation on search committees.

3. Approval of Minutes from April 28, May 19 and Summary from July 2 retreat, 2003.

4. Reorganization of Center for Health Services and Department of Health Services Management. Management

5. SPA 313 Review (requested by Senator Tagavi)

6. SPA 413 Review (requested by Senator Tagavi)

7. Categorization of Senate Council Office items, for review by Senate Council.

8. Suggestions for the processing of summer transmittals while the Senate is not in session.

9. Suggestions for the review and approval of old minutes from the Spring semester (minutes are currently under review by the Chair).